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Area rugs can be lovely to look at, and many people enjoy having them in their homes. They can protect floors and add a certain dimension to the home. From time to time area rug need washing however, and many are too big to fit in a standard size washer, for rugs that are too big pit washing for dual sided clean in often recommended. One way to do this is to go to a area rug cleaning company in Windsor that specializes in this sort of cleaning. They should be experienced with these sorts of processes and can make sure that your rug comes out looking spotless. Usually immersion cleaning is done when individuals bring in their rug for a total deep clean The rug is usually pre treated for dirt and then sometimes wrapped up in a centrifuge where it is immersed in water and cleaned.
Pit immersion or pit washing, dual sided clean is something that many businesses now advertise to wash and clean area rugs thoroughly. It is simply one of the best ways to go about rug cleaning and get the job done without a problem. Immersion pit washing via is one of the best ways to get rugs cleaned on both sides and make sure that all the dirt is spun out. It simply guarantees that the rug will be spotless on both sides and that individuals will have the clean they are looking for. Many people will take advantage of these processes to make sure their area rugs are as immaculate and as anti allergenic as they need to be. In the case of an oriental or Turkish rug they can hold at least 8 to 10 pounds of dirt. A company should go about first making sure that all the dirt is removed from the rug before embarking on the pit washing, dual sided clean technique. As mentioned, they also frequently test the dyes for stability and color fastness before beginning the pit washing procedure. Some companies simply use a squeegee and a claw for pit washing, but it may not guarantee total clean on both sides of the rug. Not all areas of the country use a centrifuge in order to do pit washing but they should have a complete and thorough technique to wring out the rug so that both sides get cleaned. Having your area rug cleaned, and free of allergens is quite desirable and can be accomplished easily enough.

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